Sunday, April 26, 2009

Upcoming Surgery

Hey everyone! Progress continues to be made each day. We continue to feel very blessed and supported. It has been an emotional week with highs and lows as the reality of this situation continues to sink in. This week we really knew the chemo was working when Doan decided it was time to start sporting the shaved head look. His doctors were able to harvest more than enough stem cells for his transplant which will be in the weeks to come, and Brandon continues to work with the physical therapists to get up out of bed each day and walk around. He has been able to explore other areas of the hospital outside of his room and hallway, so that's nice that he can get a slight change of scenery every once in a while.

It is yet to be determined how successful his surgery from last week went. (The one with the bone cement to hopefully alleviate some of the pain from the compression fractures.) However, he is going to have another one on Tuesday for another disc in his back, so we would appreciate an extra special prayer or two between now and then, and especially on Tuesday, that all will go well and that Brandon's pain will continue going down. They have taken him off of his IV pain medications and have gotten it under control using pills, so that's a big step in the right direction. Additionally, the doctors have opened up his diet so that he can eat a greater variety of foods from outside the hospital, and his appetite is getting stronger.

We continue to appreciate all of your support and love knowing that there are so many people who care. We'd like to keep the calendar going with people fasting each day, so if you're able, please continue to sign up! It is a comfort and a strength to see your names and read your comments.


Julie said...

Brandon, hope I didn't post this twice.
Hey, glad to hear the appetite is coming back. Your wish is my command, you name it and I'Ll bring it. What's for dinner?
email me:

Anonymous said...

Hey Bro-

I'll say a special prayer for you tonight and tomorrow that the surgeons will be guided in your surgery. I know everything will be fine. Keep smilin' and know that Laurel and I are backing you up 110%. I know the Lord is too.

Love ya man! Love you too Katie!

-Ry and Laurel

baucomfamily said...

It is so great to see all the progress. You are loved and prayed for daily. We love you all!

Anonymous said...

Dear Plewe Family,
Please know that you are all, especially Brandon and Katie, in our prayers. We love you.

Love, The Orchard Family

Cory and Holly said...

Brandon & Katie my heart is aching for you guys! Please know how much we love you and we are praying for you!

Cory & Holly