Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Harvesting Begins

Brandon has had a very productive day today. He started his stem cell harvesting ahead of schedule! His counts have risen and they were ready to start early this morning. The tech predicted that he would only collect 2 million out of the 20 million stem cells they need today, but instead, he ended up collecting 7.25 million! That blew everyone out of the water, but then again Doan always does! They are thinking that because his counts are continuing to rise they will finish collecting tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow afternoon, after the collecting is done, Brandon is going to have a small cyphoplasty surgery. This is were they will make two small incisions in his back and insert bone cement into 2 of the most compressed vertebrae. They are hoping this will relieve his pain. However, as we have been well informed, it is not always a cure all. So, we would really appreciate some extra prayers that the doctors will be able to position the cement in the best places possible to alleviate as much pain as possible. With all of your hope and faith, not to mention Brandon's, we know that he will exceed the doctor's expectations!


Jules said...

Hi Brandon,

Best wishes today for a successful surgery. With your strong faith, confidence and stamina, I know your health with continue to improve. I pray that the Lord will gently guide the surgeons' hands and fingers so that you find relief from your pain.

Hang in there Brandon. I'm holding you in my thoughts, prayers and heart.

Warm hugs and lots of love to you and the family, Aunt Julie

Tiffani said...

I came across your story on facebook and have spent some time reading your blog and feel impressed to share my experience with you.

My husband(at the time finace) was diagnoised with cancer 7 years ago this month and after 8 months of chemo (and a wedding in the mix) he was able to beat this... as will you. Hang in there... the road is full of high's and low's, bumps and unexpected turns.

One of the few gifts cancer gives you is a perspective on life that many people will never have or understand- how much you are loved and what's really impotant in life.

Keep a positive attitude(even though it can be difficult.) Whenever my husband talks about his experience that is one of the main things that he believes helped him beat it!

You will be in our thoughts and prayers!

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you, bud. You've come so far in the last week since I had to come home. We love you and pray for you and fast for all of you. Your names are individually on the prayer roll of the Dallas Temple. I know your name is on many alters being prayed for by so many good people. Stay strong in spirit and be brave. All will be well. We love you dearly!!

Aunt Jann and Uncle Don

Laurel said...

Keep up the good work guys! We're looking forward to coming out there again in a couple weeks and seeing the progress for ourselves! You are both seriously amazing people- I feel lucky to be related!

Anonymous said...

Hi cousin Brandon,

I hope you feel better soon.

When you feel better may be you can come to our house?

We pray for you every day and night.

From Quinlan

Julie said...

Brandon, Katie, Rick and Bobbi, Just for the record, I believe in miracles and I know you have the faith to move mountains! We will add our faith to yours and push that mountain a little further! Julie

The Speres said...

It is awesome to hear that everything is going so well in regards to the chemo and everything. I won't pretend I know exactly what you're going through, but having experienced Huntsman while Heather went through chemo gives me a tiny bit of perspective. Just keep doing what you're doing--fast, pray, and don't forget to laugh too (which I'm sure you never forget to do!). Thanks for always being such nice neighbors! All the best! - Heidi (Reichman) Spere

Scott McMillan said...

You guys are such an example of faith! I am so glad to hear the good news with the chemo and harvesting. Stick in there. All our love and prayers!!