Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Marathon Goal

Hello Friends and Family,

As many of you may already know, I am training to run the New York City, ING Marathon this coming November 4th.  Running has been a long time passion of mine and the New York Marathon has definitely been at the top of my bucket list.  When I was offered a spot to run the marathon for a national charity, First Descents, I quickly took advantage of the opportunity.  First Descents is an organization that is near and dear to Brandon and me.  First Descents is a high adventure camp that works exclusively with young adults (ages 18-35) who have faced the physical and emotional difficulties presented by cancer.  For one week young adult cancer survivors attend a camp and learn how to kayak, rock climb or surf.  All skill levels are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Most campers have never participated in these sports before!  These camps enable young adults to be physically and mentally challenged in a way they may not have been since their treatment.  With the help of qualified staff, these survivors get to see firsthand that they have the ability to conquer something scary and challenging--besides cancer! 

Brandon had the opportunity to attend a First Descents kayaking camp in Vail, Colorado last summer.  What a wonderful experience! Brandon has always loved the outdoors. Because of challenges he now has with his back, Brandon needs to be careful with the types of activities he's involved in. First Descents worked specifically with Brandon so he could experience the challenges of kayaking without the fear of hurting himself. Cancer can be totally demoralizing in ways most people have not personally experienced or even thought about. First Descents has revitalized Brandon in ways that no other program could have. Being around other young adult campers—who share similar cancer experiences—has enabled him to make connections with people who understand.  He still stays in contact with many people at his camp and is able to both give and receive support from his peers. 

The best part of First Descents is that it is completely FREE  for the camper.  The only aspect they are financially responsible for is the travel expense to their respective camp.  Food, lodging, supplies and activities are at no cost to the participant..  This is where I need your help.  In order to run the NY Marathon with the First Descents group, I have agreed to raise $3,000, with 100%  of the tax deductible donations going to First Descents.  These funds will enable 3 campers to attend a camp.  I would appreciate any donation you could make to help me reach my goal.  Brandon and I have been amazed at the kind of support and love we have received over the last four years.  We feel it’s important for us to try and give back and be involved with organizations who support and encourage people who are going through similar experiences as Brandon and I did. 

 To make a donation please click the link below and it will take you to my donation page.  If you know of anyone who you think would like to make a donation please forward this e-mail on to them.  Again, any amount helps.

 Thank you again for all your support throughout the years.  Brandon and I would not be where we are today without you.

 With much love,

 Katie Plewe