Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Background

Since the beginning of January, Brandon was having back pain and went to several doctors to get treatment. Back problems are common in Brandon’s family, so everyone treated it accordingly without questioning other causes. Initially, they thought it was Faset Joint Disease, so he was treated with cortisone shots. When that wasn’t working, another doctor diagnosed him with Degenerative Disc Disease and gave him epidural shots. After several weeks, the epidural shots weren’t having much of an affect either, so they were then referred to an internist. A couple days later, Brandon went to see the internal medicine doctor and was immediately encouraged to go to the emergency room where they could admit him to the hospital. So, they did just that.

--The Plewe Family

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MD said...

Dearest Plewe family,
Just saw the website. Our hearts go out to you all! Give big hugs and kisses to Brandon and Katie--we will be sending our prayers and good thoughts their way. We will pass on the information to the California cousins.

Caroline, Steve, Connor, Morgan and Anna Davis