Monday, September 28, 2009

Home and building strength

I figure it is about time for another update because things seem to be going really well, and I want to share the good news with all of our friends. A lot has happened in the last few weeks, I came home from the hospital two days after I checked in, which is hard to do-they usually like to keep you there for a while to make sure you are really better. The problem, as previous entries have mentioned was that I wasn't getting enough oxygen to my lungs so I had the privilege of carting around one of those attractive green oxygen scuba tanks on wheels (just like my grandma has). I always thought they didn't look that bad, but I am here to say it was no fun, yes I was happy to be breathing without any trouble, but I was so happy to be rid of that little barrel of fun after only a week that I couldn't believe it. I have a deep new found respect for those who have to cart those around where ever they go, and have the giant R2D2 industrial noise maker at home that creates pure oxygen from room air (if you have one you know what I am talking about). When that adventure was over we saw my Doctor, who said that things were looking very good and we wouldn't have any more chemo. There was a chance I was going to do another round of a lighter chemo called depace, but the Doctor opted out of it and said that I was doing so well it would probably do more harm than good. We will know the exact status of the cancer in a few weeks when I go back in to have a bunch of tests done and another bone marrow biopsy (that is the really fun one, just a big needle in your back through the little hole they just made in your bone). It is actually not too bad, and I am really curious to see the results so I am kind of looking forward to it in a weird way. In the mean time I will be on what they call oral chemo, which is basically a bunch of pills that are not nearly as rough as IV chemo, and I will be on that for another year or two. Right now the Doctor said my cancer counts (shown from the blood tests) are so low that I am in partial remission, and on the other side of the coin my white blood cell counts are up, which is good, so I am almost back to a healthy immune system! All very good news that we are thrilled about!! I guess I will need it because I think I am coming down with a small cold of some sort, so keep in mind I love visitors, but you still need to be healthy when you visit.
I have had the chance to get out a little more and take advantage of this awesome weather, I suppose you can only keep me couped up inside for so long before I have to get out. Katie and I have been taking walks around the block to help build up my strength, and it has been very fun. I even went fishing last weekend and thanks to Sato and Rylan I even caught a fish!
I am also seeing a physical therapist right now who has me working out on a stationary bike for half an hour a few times a week and doing some other stretching and really light weights on the other days. It has been a lot of work, and it is hard to start all over again, but I am starting to see some real progress which is always so nice to see. I know we are so lucky to be where we are and doing so well. As you might have noticed, I am feeling better both physically and mentally, and am even back to joking around a bit as I used to. We wanted to thank everyone for your continued support, notes, and love. It really means so much to us, as we are not totally out of the woods yet, but certainly could not have gotten to this point without all of you.

Thank you so much,
Brandon and Katie


Jenny and Josh said...

So happy to hear you are doing well! thoughts and prayers for you every day!
The Hadfield Family

Sofia Vaschetto said...

Dear Brandon and Katie,

I've been talking to Laurel a lot about you guys and hearing the updates through her, but I'm happy to have just read your blog and hear that you are doing so well. I've been sending positive energy and prayers your way since I heard the news and will continue to do so.

It was wonderful meeting you and your beautiful family at Laurel and Ryan's wedding and look forward to seeing you again.

Sending you lots of love, Sofia Vaschetto

Megan Corrent said...

Brandon & Katie,

It is good to hear you are feeling better. Keep being strong; you are so inspirational! My thoughts and prayers are with you guys.