Monday, August 16, 2010

Visiting our Friends

A few weeks ago Brandon and I went back to the good ole' BMT unit at the U of U hospital to visit some of the nurses we love so dearly. We were lucky that most all of our very favorites were there on the same shift! We can't say more about these people. In such a tumultuous time in our lives they brought peace, routine, laughter and friendship that we so desperately needed. We love the people of the BMT unit and will always be so grateful for everyone there.
I will say, it was weird walking down the same halls, smelling the same smells and knowing we weren't going to have to sleep there. It brought back a rush of memories good and bad, but mostly it made me grateful to have Brandon right there next to me.

From left to right we have Suzie who we would hold our breath every shift change to see if she was assigned to us. We loved her so much and we truly became good friends. Then Amy, the CNA who made the BEST chocolate-peanut butter shakes ever! Then Jon who is a character. Then Bob our favorite night time nurse who kept us laughing at all his funny stories. Then Cassidy, another great CNA who always had a smile and kept us up to date on Greek Row happenings. Then Janet. Janet kept us in line and we loved her for it. Every now and then she'd pretend not to notice the food that we'd smuggle in for Brandon.

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