Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays

I promised a friend of mine that I would update this, so here I am.  Sorry it has been a while, but nothing too new and exciting has happened lately, which is probably a good thing.  We are still in the maintenance phase of the treatment so I am up at the Huntsman every other week, and doing Physical Therapy a couple times a week if I can schedule it in.  Everything seems to be improving these days, I am still a little sore in my back but my strength is increasing every day.  Christmas was great, my whole family was in town so the best part was just having everyone together.  Experiences like this one really help you put everything into perspective, and it is a little easier to focus on what Christmas is all about when you are literally just happy to be there.  We had fun going to a few Christmas parties and hanging out with friends and family too, even a traditional Christmas puzzle thrown in there.
It is kind of an interesting thing going through Christmas while you are getting treatment.  You go up to the clinic and see all the other patients at different stages in their treatment too, and in my case you are just happy to be where you are.  I am really so grateful to have Katie and my family looking out for me.  It is easy to get into a negative funk and start feeling bad for yourself, but with so many people around that I love and care for I am blessed to to not get too discouraged.  To sum it up, something strange about cancer helps you to be a little more grateful for the simple things in life, and makes worrying about being stuck in traffic or holiday drama seem quite trivial.  Not that I don't get stressed out too, but hopefully it isn't as intense as it was before.  I want to say thank you as well for everyone who has expressed concern for us and helped us out in any way at all, especially the mystery Sigma Chi brother- we didn't get a chance to thank you but I can't say how kind and thoughtful that was.  We really have been the recipients of so much love, which is amazing to be a part of, especially at this time of year.  We hope everyone has a fun and safe new years and look forward to a more relaxed 2010.

Love Brandon and Katie


Lacey said...

Russ told me he got to talk to you on sunday. I am sorry i missed you. I talked to your bro Ryan and his cute expecting wife. I am glad your holidays were good and meaningful!

Anonymous said...

Brandon and Katie,

Hadn't been to your webite for awhile, so was really pleased to read your Christmas posting. I also read the last postings to Mom. She was thrilled with the progress that you have made and wanted to pass on her thoughts "it is so great that the family has been there with you and for you". You all have been in our thoughts and hope that your progress in 2010 continues to be good.

Caroline, Steve Davis and kids

Anonymous said...

You are awesome. We are thinking about you guys. Hope you had a great New Year and Christmas.

Nick Sorensen