Thursday, November 5, 2009

Doing much better

For the last couple of weeks Brandon has come down with a nasty case of the flu.  Although his test results never came back (weird) his doctor said he was 98% positive it was H1N1.  It really was a rough one.  I felt like we were back to our chemo days because Brandon was so nauseous and couldn't eat anything for almost two weeks!  Getting swine flu has been one of our biggest concerns since his immune system is so low, but now that he has had it and recovered we don't need to worry so much.  It's experiences like these that remind us just how susceptible Brandon is to germs.  It sure keeps us on our toes!  


Brittany Anne said...

i'm so glad that is over with.
love you guys.

Julie said...

Brandon, you are always in our prayers, we send our love. The O'Learys

Robin said...

Just want you to know you are always in our prayers and that our whole family is behind you 100%!! You have an incredible spirit and a winning attitude and a family that loves you so much, What great blessings we experience because of that love. Somehow it helps us through these aweful trials we have to pass threw.Stay germ free!