Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some Fresh Air

I think this picture sums up the current state of affairs perfectly! It's an uphill climb, but Katie is literally right behind Brandon, pushing him up, along with many others, all along the way. Brandon couldn't ask for a better nurse to be by his side through this whole thing! What a great example of love these two are to all of us who have the privilege of knowing them.

It has been such a great blessing to have Brandon home! Over the past week and a half, since Doan has been out of the hospital, we have all been encouraged by his positive outlook and willingness to stick to Dr.'s orders. (and Katie's orders too for that matter!) Doan was able to go on walks, get some fresh air, and see some beautiful springtime flowers. A nice change of scenery from the hospital room for sure!

He met with both a physical therapist this week and has exercises to help strengthen his muscles. In addition to keeping his legs active, they are specifically targeting his ab muscles to help support his spine. Brandon was encouraged to use his crutches as much as possible, rather than the walker, so long as his pain level doesn't increase by too much. With his crutches, he was able to go up some stairs, turn around and go back down them. Additionally, he's doing consistent breathing exercises to help keep his lungs strong and healthy.

Friday morning, he'll be admitted back into the hospital for a week or two to start Chemo Round #2. He'll have some pretty intense treatments on Friday, rest Saturday and Sunday, and then another intense set on Monday. The plan is for Brandon to have his first bone marrow transplant Monday afternoon. We anticipate a pretty tough next week or two, so of course, prayers and fasting are appreciated as usual. The good thins is that after this set of treatments and the transplant, we'll be that much closer to getting rid of the cancer and giving Brandon's body the cells it needs to start rebuilding. Our spirits are up and Doan's main Dr. was very pleased with the progress he made while being home. He even gained 6 pounds!


Robin said...

Good luck this week, you are in our prayers constantly.
I kow this week will be tough, but this will pass and you'll be ready for a whole lot of tomorrows. Hang in there with all you've got and the rest of us will be right there with you! All our love!

cait & darren mower said...

You are in my prayers! Thank you for your exmaples of faith and perseverance.

Erin said...

Hey, there's my house! Much love to you guys, hope today went perfectly.

Jules said...

Hi Brandon and Katie,

It's so nice to see pictures of you; it's great to see you enjoying some fresh air. You're blessed to have such a loving network of family and friends to provide comfort and support. You're in our thoughts and prayers as you begin this next round of chemo. I send blessings and love.

Warm hugs, Aunt Julie

Anonymous said...

Hope you guys are hanging in there. We have you in our thoughts and prayers...we are always just a phone call away if you need anything....Linda and Smitty


Hi, you don't know me, but my husband served his mission with Brandon Plew. My heart goes out to you in this difficult time and I too will keep you in my heart and prayers. I would also like to spread the word to try and help any way I can by posting this link on my blog....if you don't mind?! You guys have amazing faith and a great outlook, I'll continue to follow his progress!
~Jolyn Cavey

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